Sunday, 22 April 2012

Don't Forget The Giveaway .... and other stuff

Hi Goddesses  

Apologies that I have been rather quiet this week.   I've been quite busy at work, and without the regime of a Challenge schedule I've kind of lost track of what needs posting!  Lol.

So, firstly, don't forget to enter the Giveaway - click here -

Secondly, tomorrow is the start of 2 VERY exciting things.   Firstly, Monkey See Monkey Do is now bigger, and several bloggers are now taking part.  The aim is to show which bloggers have inspired you (and give them credit) and recreate one of their designs.   Mine will be a famous Nailside mani.  If you want to take part, just click here.

Secondly, myself and 5 of my bestest nail buddies are going to take you on a 6 day journey celebrating the BEST TV show of all time.  6 girls, 6 days, 6 seasons.  That's all I'm saying, but you would be MAD to miss it!

Then I've been writing some guest posts for some friends, so I've done the post, but just not been able to show you it yet.

Also, there's been some minor tweaks to the blog to take account of some recent feedback - thank you.  So hopefully it no longer looks as dark, and hopefully, you'll like the SEARCH feature.

Then, I still have a LOAD of posts in the vault (only about 40) plus I've gone WILD this weekend and bought 19 polishes off Etsy and about the same from Llarowe.

And finally, the Purple Crumpet Fairy Summer Challenge will be kicking off in a month, on May 19th.

So, lots of posting to do, I just need to find a whole 48hrs to do editing and cropping and writing!

Lots of love, and whatever you're doing today, enjoy xx  :)  (Here's Baby Crumpet and her beloved Pumpkin)

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