Monday, 30 April 2012

The Giveaway Winner .... and some help please :)

Hi Goddesses   

Thank you to everyone who entered the Giveaway, and a SPECIAL big thanks to everyone who took the time to leave feedback.

I'll announce the winner in a minute but first I'd like your help.  The feedback always throws up some interesting ideas, so I would REALLY appreciate it if you would leave comments below or on my Facebook page (here) with your thoughts on the following - 

* apparently some of you would like to see tutorials.  I've never considered myself neat and tidy enough before to do them so .... do you want them, and if so, what sort of tutorials would you like to see ?

* would you like to see a series on really basic nail art how to ? eg layering, gradients, dotting tools?

* remember, you can set me a challenge at any time via either the OVER TO YOU tab at the top of my page or via FB - is there a comparison you want to see, or do you have an idea for a post ?  Let me know!

* after the Summer Challenge, I will probably be embracing shorter challenges - do you prefer that idea ?

* do you like Theme Weeks like Independents Week - do you like to know what's coming up?

Thank you - all your comments will be really appreciated.

And so to our winner ..... who is .....

Sandra from

Congratulations Sandra, your 2 Models Own glitters will be on their way to you very soon :)

Enjoy xx :)

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