Saturday, 14 April 2012

Green Mosaic

Hi Goddesses

I really do hope you're enjoying these mosaics as much as I am.  They're so easy to do, and so striking.   Now, whisper this, but the green one may be my favourite of all!

There's just "something" about the colour combination here that works like a dream, it's that congruence I was talking about before.

For this mani I used - 
* base of OPI Stranger Tides
* Color Club green foil - Perfect Mol-ten
* a-England Dragon - the holo
* CG Glittering Garland
* Orly Ancient Jade
* Sinful Colors Green Ocean

Don't they look beautiful together ?   I also mixed up the style of patterns a little, and I'm liking that too, especially that sliver on the middle finger.

Now, here's a lesson in congruence.  Remember I said to start with your darkest shade ?  Well, doing this really helps you get the build right.  I was down to the last 2 polishes and I really REALLY wanted to use Barry M Lime Green - but it became obvious that it wouldn't work.

Here's a little swatch I did at my desk - see how the lime green is just totally the wrong tone for the other colours ?   So, that was a disaster narrowly avoided.  I also couldn't decide whether the Orly was a good idea, and again, the napkin helped prove it was (it's the one on the right).

So which is your favourite mosaic so far ?

Have a great weekend, and enjoy xx  :)
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