Thursday, 5 April 2012

Independents Week - All That Glitters - The Jean Genie

Hi Goddesses  

aka, The Post Where Crumpet Cries.

Honestly, this is tragic, tragic I tells ya.

Soooooo,  a lot of you will know that I am totally in love with All That Glitters.   I LOVE Cha Cha Twist, and this week started playing with some more of her babies.   First of all, me and Space Oddity had an unhappy experience together, and then I turned to this, The Jean Genie, a beautiful soup of aqua, white, silver and gold glitter.

And didn't like it :(   Let me clarify - the polish IS gorgeous, and I'll tell you why in a mo - but it just didn't suit my skin tone at all.   So, much as I loves her, and admire her beauty, The Jean Genie is looking for a new mommy.

And it saddens me.  As you know, I do a LOT of swapping, but it really hurts to give away something so beautiful, and something which is such a work of art.  I'm also tempted to keep it for beauty's sake, but where's the point in it never being used ?

So, let me tell you what I'm letting go - firstly, this is a LOT lighter on the nail than it is in the bottle, and I think I would have gotten away with it if it were more like the dark aqua you see in the bottle.   On the nail, this dries an icy metallic blue, and as you may be able to see, does get darker towards the tips where more of the "soup" gathered. However, this was already 3 coats, and I wasn't going to add 1 more "just to see".

The most amazing thing about this polish is the glitter combination.   Size shape and texture vary, but the true genius is in the addition of the gold.   Set against the iciness of the other colours, the gold looks like a baby green, and gives the whole polish a murky mermaidy splendour that makes me cry.

So, I love it, but it doesn't love me.   Sad Crumpet.

Enjoy xx :)  You can buy All That Glitters here and read my post on Cha Cha Twist here.  
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