Friday, 6 April 2012

Independents Week - Pam's Girly Bits - Hippity Hop

Hi Goddesses  

Today is the end of Independents Week, and as it's Good Friday, I've saved a real goodie for last.  Don't worry tho, I have at least 20 other polishes to show you, so these amazing ladies will be filling my blogwaves for a few more weeks yet.

I've saved Pam til last, as she has a special place in my heart.  She is the first independent polish maker I became aware of, and the first one I bought from.   I love her logo (which you can just see on the bottle) and I love that everything gets wrapped in a cloud of tissue paper.  Everything about the experience with Pam is perfect, from start to finish.   She also has a real artist's appreciation of colour, and that's exactly what makes her polishes so special.

You may remember that my first post of 2012 was a Pam polish - Stormy Skies, which you can see here - and I have about another 6 still to try.   Quite by accident, it ended up being this one - Hippity Hop.

Hippity Hop is a soup of silver and holographic glitter, suspended in a clearish base which glimmers with the faintest lilac irridescent sparkle.  It really is magical.  And believe me, I say this as a jaded glitter whore.  It's quite hard to impress me with a silver type of glitter these days, but wow, this is a beauty.

There is something so soft about the way it sashays and sparkles, the way it coos and cuddles the underlying polish, the way it glints and glistens in the sun - truly, it's just stunning.

This is sat on top of Picture Polish Denim (which you can see here), and the 2 fused together quite deliciously.

I can't wait to try this over some other colours.   You can join Pam's FB page here or you can buy her polishes from Llarowe here.  

Enjoy xx :)
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