Sunday, 8 April 2012

Kirsten's Burstin' Box of Goodness!

Hi Goddesses  

I'm going to post the 2nd half of my March madness haul in a couple of days, in the vain hope that 2 more parts of it arrive.   In the meantime, here is a very special post about a FABULOUS swap I did with Kirsten.

Kirsten is the Geeky Owl and her blog rocks.    I can't even remember how the idea for this swap started, but eventually we ended up with a budget, and I bought her a load of British goodies, and she bought me ..... AMAZINGNESS.   Let's take a peek :)

This is my 3rd NerdLacquer set.  Kirsten got me and her this matching Serenity set and it's packed with gorgeousness!  

Then we have 3 Duri polishes, my first.  I've been yearning Duri for ages.  I love the retro look of their bottle, and some of their colours look to die for.  This is Purple Rain, Angels & Demons and Fallen Angel.  HOW delish ?

Kirsten knows I'm a glitter whore, so she picked me up 2 Claire's polishes - Mystical and Candy Shop - the fabulous Lemme See Your Peacock by Icing, and THEN she surprised me with Creepy Pumpkin from my wishlist!!

There were 2 things that made this the coolest swap ever.  Firstly, Kirsten armed herself with my pinterest wishlist, and picked me things off there without telling me.  (Well, she teased me with "I've got you something off your wishlist" but then wouldn't tell me what, ggrrrr I HATE that lol) and the best bit was the day she went shopping, and we exchanged emails throughout the shopping trip as she wondered whether I already had things - transatlantic shopping!  Way cool!

And that's how I ended up with these - OPI Ink Suede, GOSH Gasoline, OPI Royal Rajah Ruby and NOPI Shoot For The Maroon.

Oh and the best bit ??  I am ADDICTED to white chocolate Reece's, and look, just LOOK what I got :)  It really doesn't get better than polish AND Reece's.

Kirsten - thank you SO much, this has been one of the most enjoyable swaps I've ever done, and once I've eaten the Reece's, it'll certainly be the most orgasmic.

Speaking of which, I am off to enjoy xx  :)

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