Sunday, 29 April 2012

LOST-athon - The End & A BIIIIIG Round Up

Hi Goddesses  

I have LOVED this week in Nail-Land.  Not only did I get to celebrate the best TV series of all time on my nails, I got to do it with 5 of my best polish friends - Bee, Kirsten, Emma, Kerrie and Stamping Sarah.

We've had the best of times doing these manis, and we've rehashed and re-cried about some of our favourite moments from the show.  I don't think there will EVER be a TV show like it, and that makes me sad, but thank God for boxed sets and summer holidays.  Also, Beth has been itching to watch it for a while, and as she's almost 9, I don't think that's such a good idea.  Hell, most of us adults couldn't follow it, can you imagine how long it would take to watch an episode with her with all the questions she'd have?  Lol. Anyways, we wanted to end with a celebration, and a thank you, to each other, and to you, our readers who have left some lovely comments this week.  Thank you.

My collage round up -

I'm not sure which of my manis is my favourite, but I definitely love some more than others.  Season 5 makes me smile, and I also really like Season 2.  Now, onto the other Lost lovelies - 

My favourite mani of Bee's came from Season 4, JUST.  It was a tough call.  All of Bee's manis were brilliant, and her level of LOST knowledge was phenomenal.  This also led her to doing some really specific images on her nails which didn't even occur to me - Mittelos BioScience, anyone?  Bravo Bee, I think your manis are the best of all of us.   You can check out all of Bee's posts on her blog, here.  (I especially love Daniel Faraday's tie on this one).

My favourite mani of Kirsten's came from Season 1.  I love that she did a turnip, and I also love that she did an island.   You should also check out her Season 6 post for added spookiness!   You can check out all of Kirsten's posts on her blog, here.

My favourite mani of Emma's came from Season 3.  Picking my fave Emma mani was really hard because all of hers felt very different to me.  I loved how she did Kate's engagement ring in Season 4, and I also loved her day-glo Season 2 mani.   You can check out all of Emma's posts on her blog, here.

My favourite mani of Sarah's came from Season 3.  I love Sarah dearly, but she IS the stamping goddess, so for me, the best parts of this challenge have been when she has done manis that DON'T involve stamping.  I've also loved that she's gone into detail about how she creates her base colours - really informative.   You can check out all of Stamping Sarah's posts on her blog, here.

My favourite mani of Kerrie's came from Season 2, where she depicted those numbers.  Hands up if you were OBSESSED with the numbers lol.   You can check out all of Kerrie's posts on her blog, here.

And that's it. LOST will never die.  It is one of my Top 5 entertainment / art experiences ever, up there with Sylvia Plath, Kate Bush's Hounds of Love, Star Wars and the Harry Potter books ..... more on which ..... soon :)

Lots of love, and thank you, we're so glad you enjoyed xxx  :)

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