Monday, 23 April 2012

LOST-athon - Season 1

Hi Goddesses  

Wow, I am SUPER stoked about this, and also a little scared on your behalf .... oh and by the way, I posted this at 8.15!!

I had an idea a few weeks ago, about doing nails based on LOST.  I am a HUGE LOST fan, as are quite a few other nail bloggers, and I thought, wouldn't it be cool to do 6 days (1 for each Season) with 5 of my best nail friends.  Yes we're all geeks, but this is LOST !!  Oh, and the reason I am scared for you ??  Crumpet nail art ...... moving on!

First I want to celebrate all the ladies doing this with me.  Their manis will be better, but ssssshhhhhh know that Sarah owns a LOT of stamping plates.  Now, I'm not saying she's got an advantage or anything like that, nope, not at all :)

Emma at Manicurity
Bee at Bee Polished
Kirsten at Geeky Owl
and Sarah (stamping Sarah with all the stamping plates) at Spellbinding Nails 

So, Season 1.   Part of the appeal of doing these posts was the chance to reminisce about what we love.  I, unlike most of the world, avoided Season 1 of LOST.  I hate anything that has a lot of hype, plus, I just couldn't see for the life of me how they would make a plane crash last 6 series ..... what do I know lol ... so I didn't actually start watching Lost til almost 2 years after it started.

I'll talk you through my nails first and then I'll fill in some of my other highlights from Series 1.  

Just like the show, we start with Jack's eye.  I love that one of the iconic images of that show is the eyes of the characters, and at one point I did debate doing 5 eyes, but the freak in me shivered and I abandoned that!   Jack, super yummy, super heroic, opens his eye and finds himself flat on his back in the jungle.  Cue one of THE most amazing sequences of prime time TV EVER.  EVER, people.

This is 2 coats of CG Westside Warrior, some sponging with Barielle Polished Princess to add variation, and then OPI Black Onyx as the pupil.

Cue forefinger .....  this is the bamboo (?) jungle they ran through all the time.  Tall tall TALL things.   Also part of the first scene of the show.  This is 2 coats of Essie Jazz, brush washed with SOPI Metro Chic and then a tiny bit of Polished Princess at the top.

The middle finger is the Oceanic logo.  Oceanic was the name of the airline they were flying on.  D'you know, when I looked this logo up, it was nothing like how I remembered it lol, but who cares when it gave me chance to use my new Bettinas - I used Amethyst, Vintage and Indigo.  Here's my nail and then what the real logo looked like.

Ring finger .... can anybody guess ??  Well, this is John Locke.  He didn't do much for the first couple of episodes, but Walkabout was the first episode that knocked me flat on my back.   The actor who played him said he was told his first 6 episodes would be quiet, but then he would become one of THE key characters on the show - they weren't wrong!

This is from the episode where he bonded with Walt, playing .. ahem ...chess, and smiled with a huge piece of orange peel in his mouth.  This is 3 coats of the huh, very thin, OPI Tangerine Scene.

And little finger .... hands up who was shocked by the polar bear, and who spent YEARS trying to work out how one could have shown up lol ??  This is 2 coats of SH White On, some grubby sponging with Essie Jazz and a teeny bit of Metro Chic.  Blood courtesy of OPI Royal Rajah Ruby (an inspired, and totally accidental choice) with an OPI Black Onyx bullet hole.

Phew!   So let's chew the fat about Season 1.  I loved the character of Kate - a feisty lead - I LOVED the flashbacks, and the idea of finding out how each person had arrived on that plane.  I was obsessed with the clairvoyant and Claire (and if I'm honest, I'm still not sure I totally understand that part).  I hated Charlie.   I hated the character of Sawyer but felt a bit hot under the collar for Josh Holloway.   I wanted to know why Walt had certain "skills" and most of all, I wanted to know what was in the hatch.

Then there was the horror of Boone's almost amputation, the idyllic wonder of the caves, the mysteries of Walt, the intruder in the camp, the heroism / blind faith of Locke, the man reborn ....

I think Season 1 was brilliant.   It stands the test of time, wasn't forced, and showed that when you take the time to create the right characters, the story looks after itself.  Pretty amazing story though it is.

Tomorrow - Season 2!  And, just because we can, let's end with a little Sawyer ...aaaaaaaand relax :)

Enjoy xx :) and Namaste 
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