Wednesday, 25 April 2012

LOST-athon - Season 3

Hi Goddesses  

Ah, Season 3 ... you mixed up, messed up, occasionally dull beast, you.

Season 3 was the best and the worst thing to happen to LOST.   It was boring as hell for several episodes - those ruddy cages !! - it stupidly introduced Paolo and Nikki, and the flashbacks got dumb - Jack's tattoo ?   But then a curse (the writer's strike) turned into a blessing, and the awesome Darlton did something no other producers of cash cow prime-time TV would do - they negotiated the end of their show.

From that point on (2/3 of the way through Series 3) EVERYTHING changed, and the writers found a new purpose - rather than stringing the plot out and providing WAY more questions than answers, they could work towards a clear goal and answer some of those pesky questions along the way.

Season 3 is also probably THE best cliff-hanger episode of a show EVER.  For 2 reasons.    Firstly, Charlie.   I never really engaged with him as a character, but his poignant death was one of the most brilliantly and movingly told I have ever seen on TV.   What a hero.

Secondly - "We have to go BACK, Kate, we have to go BACK!"   Come again ?   Wow.   I flat out admire any artist who can pull the rug from under my feet, and boy did Darlton do it with that line.  A flashback that was actually a flash-forward ?   Cool as fuck!!!   I spent the next 6 months gagging, GAGGING I say, for the show to return - I have never pondered a cliffhanger so much in my life!

So the nails, and like the series, they're a bit boring lol.

Thumb - this is all Jack and his big scary beard lol.  Nothing fancy.   OPI Black Onyx and a large dotting tool, with which I did strokes rather than dots (cos his beard did look quite ratty).   I made him some custom coloured lips - they're a but meh lol.

Index finger is the infamous cage - man I hated those episodes with a passion.  This is 2 coats of Essie Jazz and then stripes of SOPI Metro Chic, with a bit of CG Harvest Moon rust.

Middle finger - I tried to replicate the water in Through The Looking Glass, which had a swimming pool quality to it.   I used 2 layers of NerdLacquer Shiny, and in between did some sugar spun Barry M in Lime Green.  It "might" have just about worked in person, but in the photos the green looks overdone :(

The ring finger is Glitter Gal Silver Sparkle, representing Paolo and Nikki's diamonds.  Now, much as the introduction of those characters was a mistake, I LOVED the episode where they got killed off.  I also love that in Season 6 a certain awesome sarky someone found them :)

And finally, my pinkie is a night sky, with a red flashing light, representing the arrival of Naomi.  This was a brilliant episode (OMG would Charlie die) and also, it is the pivot point, for it represents the moment LOST started it's 3 and a 1/3 series long march to the awesome end.

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Enjoy xx :) and Namaste

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