Thursday, 26 April 2012

LOST-athon - Season 4

Hi Goddesses  

Season 4, oh Season 4.  My favourite season of them all.  So much drama, tension, suspense ...  I love that it's told backwards, so you get the flashforwards without knowing how they got off the island ... I love that for the life of you, you can't work out how the "right" people are going to be in the right place at the right time .... I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you get to guess who the 6 are .... ah, good times :)

Oh, and then there's Sawyer.  Gorgeous, hot, suddenly heroic Sawyer.  And Daniel ... and Desmond.  Aaarrgghhh what's not to love lol.

If I could only watch one season over and over again, it would be this one.  I never thought they would get off the island; I never thought I'd be lucky enough to know that happened to them "afterwards"; the tension of 2 timelines pulling in opposite directions; every character at their richest; the tension of trying to work out who the 6 are; the introduction of evil; and finally, the hints at what the game has been about.

As I mentioned in one of the other posts, I admire any artist that can make my jaw drop, or who is so committed to their vision that they honour the story above all else, a classic example being the last moments of the first series of 24 - wow, where did THAT come from?  And for me, this series of Lost had several of those moments - the unbelievably brutal execution of Alex; the heroism of Sawyer; and the sheer primal anguish in Sun's scream of Jiiiiiiiiiin at the end.   All of those moments left me breathless and tear-sodden.  It really doesn't get much better than that.

So, what do we have.  Well, do you remember the producers were very teasy about the end of Season 4, and kept referring to it as "the frozen donkey wheel", which in very pure literal terms, it did indeed turn out to be.  So here's my wheel.  SOPI Metro Chic in a cave of Bettina Sand Blast sponged with Iron.

The 2nd nail represents the incredulous "ends" to the Season - where did the tanker go and Woah, where did the island go?  This is CG Kinetic Candy for the sky and Bettina 189 for the sea.

I went red for Sun's primal scream.   For me, it was the artistic high point of the whole show.  The pain, the loss and hysteria in that one syllable.  Brilliantly acted.   Base of Barielle Thrilling, and words courtesy of SH White On.

The whole season is about the Oceanic 6, and that's what I went for on the ring finger, using 2 of the colours from the Oceanic logo.  This is a base of Bettina Peppermint, and the 6 is dotted in Bettina Amethyst.

And finally on the ring finger, we have the blades of the helicopter.  That helicopter was responsible for so much of the action, as well as being in what is many fans' favourite episode of the show, The Constant.   This is a tape mani with Bettina Iron as the base (for the blades) and Claire's Galaxy as the layered colour to represent the electrical storms.

Season 4, it rung me out and left me wanting more.  It nearly KILLED me to wait til the start of Season 5.  Lost, it really doesn't get much better than this :)

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Enjoy xx :) and Namaste

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