Saturday, 28 April 2012

LOST-athon Season 6

Hi Goddesses  

Season 6 .... sob .... sigh .... I'm still really conflicted about Season 6.   On the one hand, I think it is pure spiritual perfection, and I congratulate Darlton on honouring their commitment that however the show ends, it would stay true to the characters.   

I love the reappearance of Desmond, the "loophole", the reunion of Jin and Sun, the submarine, the lighthouse, the candidates, Richard's back story ... all of it sooo sooo rich.

And yet I hate the whole crap with the temple, I still don't know what the fuck really happened to Sayid, and ugh, I still don't even know if I buy the whole "sideways" world.   So yes, colour me conflicted.

Those of you who know me on Facebook, know me as a creature who likes my sleep.  The last episode of Lost was shown around the world at the same time, and I got up at 5am to watch.  There is nothing else in the whole wide world that would have made me do that (I barely used to hear my baby in the middle of the night) and I remember going to work so frustrated (with the ending) and annoyed that I hadn't booked the day off to watch it over and over and surf the net for theories and answers.

So I got home from work, jumped online, and read my favourite reviewers, and gradually, it all began to make sense.  And then I watched it again, and sobbed for about half an hour.   There is majesty to that episode, sheer majesty, but the whole sideways thing still feels a little trite to me.  Just a little.

Oh and then bloody stupid ABC muppets who ran footage of the plane wreckage over the final credits!!  Do you know, I still meet people who think Jack dreamt the whole thing.  No, it was just a twat at ABC.  And this was the island, not Dallas.

So, to my final set of nails.   Well actually, my final 2 sets, cos there's a special bonus at the end :)

The thumb depicts where the season started - the surprise death of Jacob, with Ben, the arch manipulator, perfectly manipulated.  This is Jacob's sandy cave, and the firepit he was thrown into.  This is Essie Jazz with some Metro Chic rocks.  Fire courtesy of CG Orange Marmalade and OPI The It Color.

The index finger depicts the black and white theme which, although it has been there since Season 1, really came to fruition in Season 6.  This is a base of Zoya Dove and then my usual black and white.

The middle finger represents the emotional centre of the season - the bittersweet reunion of Jin and Sun.  Who would ever have guessed that the cracked marriage of Season 1 would turn into the love story that defined the show?  A masterful emotional tour de force, this is their final moment, their wedding rings shining in a sea of WnW Blue Wants To Be A Millionaire.  Mattified.

The ring finger is the church.  The hokey trite Sideways church, although those final moments again .... man, they were skilfully done.  I think this is also the time to comment on Michael Giacchino's scoring.  The music has always been an integral part of Lost, propelling key moments to their emotional crescendo, and never more so than in the moment where Jack hugs every member of the congregation.   (Oh and I know my church sucks, but man, this has been a beast of a challenge on a tight schedule lol).

And finally, just like the show, we end where we began, with Jack's eye.  One of the many reasons I love Darlton, right there.  Along with the symmetry - seasons 1 and 6 are island, 2 and 5 are Dharma and 3 and 4 are about getting off the island.  Genius.  

So, what's your bonus ?  Welllll, it's just irresistible isn't it, the black smoke over all 5 nails :)

To tell you truth, I am a little bummed with my Season 6 nails.  I feel really disappointed that I am ending with my weakest mani rather than my strongest, and all week I've agonised whether to change them or not.  To be fair it's the church.  I can't for the life of me think why I thought it was a good idea to do it with the brush from the bottle rather than with a dotting tool or smaller brush.  Sloppy Crumpet!

For the black smoke snaking through the jungle, I started with a base of Nails Inc Porchester Square (a lovely creamy taupe), acetone washed some CG Agro over the top in vertical strokes to replicate the bamboo, and then sponged black on top.

Ah LOST, how I miss you.  There has never been a TV show able to stir my emotions the way this show did.  Thanks to Bee, Kirsten, Emma, Kerrie and Sarah for taking this journey with me.  The thing we've all agreed on is how doing the manis has made us want to go back and watch it all over again, especially after we blubbed to some awesome YouTube clips.   I'll leave you with the best one right now, but if you wonder where I am over the next few weeks, in front of the TV with a box of tissues might be a good answer :)

So that's ALMOST it.  There just *might* be something special tomo to wrap up the series from all of us - 

Bee - Bee Polished
Emma - Manicurity
Stamping Sarah - Spellbinding Nails
Kirsten - Geeky Owl
Kerrie - Pish Posh and Polish

Thanks for sharing this with us xxx 

Namaste :) 

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