Sunday, 15 April 2012

March Haul of Madness, Part 2

Hi Goddesses 

So yes, I was a very naughty Crumpet in March.  Not only was there The Haul, Part 1 (here) and Kirsten's Burstin' Box of Goodness, (here), there was all THIS too ......

More Dollish Polish awesomeness.  I really can't get enough of her stuff right now.  Good price, excellent quality, original.  Buy all the Dollishes !!!

A little polish you may have heard of called Floam ....

3 China Glazes from the lovely Emma - Agro, Harvest Moon and Stone Cold.   Emma also got me 3 Nerds - Purely Logical, Cold and Calculating and Data Squirrel

4 Catherine Arleys!!!  yes, holo magical majesticalness.

A Swap from Liz - Green Ocean and OPI Ink Suede (my 2nd, and I'm really glad I have a back up bottle).

2 naughty Laylas - tricky buggers, but lovely.

My lovely Nerds, with Purely Logical missing (it's now gone to Momma in Florida).

Some randoms - Urban Decay Metropolitan, OPI Russian Navy Suede, Nails Inc Garrick Street (an AMAZING surprise from the wonderful Alyssa), and Nails Inc Porchester Square.

My swap from the lovely Gwenn.   What most touched me about this swap was that she contacted me out of the blue to say she could get one of my lemmings, Beyu 209, and from there we built a swap.  Thank you, thank you Gwenn for a magical experience.

A lovely swap with Angi, primarily for the Essence plate.  Loving the cute bunny hand wash.

A whole bag of White Reeces from April.  There were 2.  I know there were 2 bags.  I don't know WHERE the other could have already gone.  And neither does my tummy.

Some HITS from Llarowe.

The LEMMINGIEST LEMMING OF ALL - Peacock Feathers - thank you Laura Godfrey, a million thank yous.

Some SH nail pens and chrome pens.  

From the lovely Lyncia CG Flying Dragon and BL Knackered. And It's Just A Flesh Wound.

From Momma Stern, 3 CGs - Riveting, Fast Track and Smoke and Ashes.

My 3 a-Englands - Order of the Garter, St George and Dragon.  There was also Ascalon but it was hiding when I took the photos lol.  And there was also Princess Sabra, but she leaked in transit :(

Zoya Nidhi which is just wow and OPI Charge it In Milan.

Finally, the long-travelling polishes from Rochelle.  These went to Tara, to add to a box Tara was making for me (to save on postage).  This is Nails Inc Whitehall (magnetic) Correction Tape, and Overdose.

Tara then added 2 Manglazes - Fatty's Got Blood and Cabron, and kindly picked me up an Ozotic 513 which wouldn't ship to the UK.

And then ..... from the couldn't BE more wonderful Elizabeth Stern, a box of pure breathtaking Bettina-ness.  Behold - 

And a lovely franken called Atlantic Beach.

Wow.  Even I may have to admit I went a little keraZZy there!  But to be fair, a lot of them are swaps, and what do we all know girls ?? Swaps Don't Count!

Enjoy xx  :)  oh and don't forget to enter the GIVEAWAAAAAAY.  

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