Thursday, 19 April 2012

NerdLacquer - Warrior Ethos

Hi Goddesses  

Yipppeeeeeee, my first NerdLacquer :)  I heart it lots.  From the moment I became aware of NerdLacquer, this was the one I wanted -


What the -

I am the Editor of the Crumpet Times and I need to use your blog to post the following article.

Ahem, here ye, here ye, there has today been a disturbance of the force in CrumpetLand.  Shockwaves have even reached us in the Royal Palace.

Why, you ask, WHY ???  We will tell you why, because Crumpet - me? yes you - has decided Deborah Lippmann Ruby Red Slippers, of the sacred red polish, is no longer her favourite red, and is hereby required to post her response tout suite.

Ok.  Ok.   Tis true, tis true.  I am in love.   And whilst I will always love the sacred Ruby Red Slippers, there is about to be a cull of red glittery polishes in ye olde nail room, cos frankly, this one is the ONLY one you need.

Siiiiiiigh, where shall I begin?   Ok, let's talk mechanics, and then magic.   Warrior Ethos is an amazing crimson jelly, thick and gooey with good glitter.   She has gold pieces (which change colour when layered with jelly), small holo pieces with give an unexpected violet flash, normal micro glitter, and my favourite, small black glitter.  Quite simply, the combination is stunning.

I'm feeling a bit deceived by some Etsyers at the moment, who seem to add the same glitter to everything, and just change the base colour, but this is really something.  This is a work of art.  This is no random mish-mash of glitter.  Just like Adina's polishes, you can feel the hand of the inspired mistress, crafting away at her offering to the Gods.

I beyond love this polish.   I love it for its beauty, its depth, its rubyness - aaaah it's soooo gorgeous.  I also love it because I know have about 7 other red glitters I no longer need, as this little baby will keep me more than happy on her own.

And she'll have Ruby Red Slippers to keep her company, a bit like her vampy twin.   They share that same staggering, eye-popping beauty that is so rare, and honestly, the glory of a Lippmann glitter is the only other thing I've ever seen that can compare to this NerdLacquer.

Luckily, I've got about 8 others to try (cos I'm THAT naughty).   So enjoy, while I go and defend myself at the Palace.   Eeeeeeek.

xx :)
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