Sunday, 29 April 2012

Picture Polish DENIM v Essie SMOOTH SAILING

Hi Goddesses  

A short little post today, featuring Picture Polish Denim, and its kissing cousin, Essie Smooth Sailing.

You can see my original post on Denim here - I love it, it's a great mix of a vibrant colour and a unique texture.   All the time I was wearing it, I wondered how similar it was to Smooth Sailing, so here they are.

Denim = index + ring
Smooth Sailing = middle + pinkie

At first glance, and from a normal distance (ie without bringing the hand any closer than it would normally be), these are spot on identical, however, bring them closer, and the subtle differences appear.

Denim is the more intense of the two - deeper and more opaque.  It also has more visible flecking, with the white specks quite noticeable.  Smooth Sailing, on the other hand, is a smoothed out version of Denim, easier on the eye, and with more subtlety.   It's like it whizzed Denim through the blender and the white flecks evened out.

I don't need both however, so Smooth Sailing is now on its way to its new Momma, El Road.  Oh, and if you haven't succumbed to Picture Polish yet, you really should - you can get a good selection on Llarowe.

Enjoy xx :)

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