Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Picture Polish - Vegas (and a comparison)

Hi Goddesses

Cracking double header today - awesome summer polish AND a possible dupe ......

One of my favourite things about wearing a nail polish is when you get that sublime moment where you look down at your nails and realise that what you're wearing is freaking amazing.  And so you stare.  And you stare.  And all day, you keep trying to catch glimpses of them, just because staring at them makes you so skippy and happy.   This is one of those polishes.

Picture Polish are fast becoming one of my favourite brands. They are a little pricey, but for a "mainstream" brand, they are quite quirky - even their cremes are interesting colours.   They also produce another brand - Ozotoic - which as you know, makes me go Ooooooh, so I carry a lot of love for them at the moment.

If I'm honest, I'm not sure what colour I thought Vegas was when I bought it, and even now I'm wearing it, I wouldn't totally bet on red.  This has one foot in the orangeworld and one foot in redworld, and spends all day dancing and skipping between the 2.   It reminds me most of almost ripe tomatoes - the ones that are just about red, but just retain that *hint* of orange.   And it also likes to have fun, wantonly changing colour based on the lighting.

This is also super-loaded which shimmer.  Its shimmerlicious in fact.   So you've got -

* the brightness of the colour
* the happiness of the colour
* the shimmerytasticness of the colour

What's not to love ?  This is a colour that just defines summer.  It's vibrant, it's juicy, it oozes life, and it makes me HAPPY just to look at it.  Love, love, love.

Just look at - look at it.  Oh, I want to dive into it every time I see it.  I will be wearing this a LOT this summer.

I assumed on day 2 I would stamp over it, but I just loved her too much to do that.  So instead I sprinkled her with some Essie As Gold As It Gets ......

and stared ....

and then matted the accent nail, just, well, you know, COS ....

Now, as I was oooohing and cooing over my nails, I was congratulating myself on finding a colour I didn't already own when KERCHING reality dawned on me ...... I did already own this colour, or thought I did, but I knew it by another name - OPI Animal-istic.

Rooting around for the bottle, I also stumbled across Zoya Reva, and thought I might as well compare all 3.  For 3 orangey-reds with gold shimmer, I was surprised how different they were.

(nails then painted in the same order as the polishes)

On the nail, Reva is definitely the most intense.  Her gold is integral to her overall appearance, and therefore very obvious, as if she brought her own As Gold As It Gets to the party.

Animal-istic is a couple of clicks lighter than Vegas and a lot more metallic looking.  It lacks Vegas's glassy finish, but does throw in the odd bit of pink-schizophrenia for balance.

And whilst these 3 polishes aren't dupes, you could question whether you need all 3.  I'm happy to ask the question, but oh so unwilling to be forced to answer lol.   If pushed, I would possibly lose Animal-istic, which I can't do, cos it's named after the coolest Muppet of them all.  You can't deny though that Vegas and Reva have more pigmentation and therefore more wow factor.

Vegas - she make me happy :)  Enjoy xx :)

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