Monday, 9 April 2012

Pink Mosaic

Hi Goddesses

So today we go pink with the mosaic, AND add a twist - a white striper, instead of a black one.   If I'm honest, I'm still a little on the fence about it, and I think it probably only works because of the pinks - I can't imagine it working with reds or greens.

I used the Models Own striper which is a brush at one end and a squeezy pen at the other.  I used the pen end, and it was slightly harder to control than a brush, especially as the flow of polish isn't always even.  Also, with the Models Own pen, the stripe was very thick (in the purple post, I'll show you what a thinner pen looks like).

So the polishes on show here are - 

* base - OPI Sparrow Me The Drama
* Zoya Paige
* Zoya Moxie
* Wet n Wild - How I Met Your Magenta
* Sally Hansen Strobe Light (dupe for OPI Teenage Dream)
* China Glaze - Its Poppin
* LA Splash Sparkling Fushia (yes, spelt like that)

Firstly, I'd just trimmed my nails, and I really like this pattern on the shorter nail.  Second, the pattern on the middle finger accidentally makes it look shorter than it is lol (note to self not to do THAT again).

It was actually really hard to choose the pinks for this post.  Pink is a colour that is broad AND deep, so you go from light to dark, but also from purple-tinged to browny-tinged.   Also, each pink needed to be at least 2 demi-tones different to the next pink in the line, otherwise the variance in colour didn't show.  Come to think of it, how DID I end up with so many pinks ?  Anyway ....

I really like the finished effect and this one drew a lot of gasps and compliments.  It somehow manages to be cute without being over-cute.   Which has been your favourite so far ?

Enjoy xx :)
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