Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Purple Mosaic

Hi Goddesses

So here we are, at the penultimate mosaic post.  There's just one more to go, the green, and let's just say - it's everything this is not.

To tell the truth, I really did not like this version.  It was the 2nd one I did, and I learnt a LOT from my mistakes.   First let's take a look at the polishes - 

* base - OPI Planks A Lot
* a-England - Lady of the Lake
* OPI DS Original
* Leighton Denny The Heiress
* Urban Decay AC/DC
* Sally Hansen Lacey Lilac

And of course ... a PURPLE striper.  This really was not a clever idea.  It might have worked better if the purple was blackcurrant-dark, but this insipid mediocre nastiness did not cut my mustard.  Learning of Lesson 1 - Black Striper Best.

Then there's the mix of polishes, or the congruence.  Purple is a VAST colour (I should know, I have oops 250 of them) and this led to real issues when making choices.  And I went wrong.  I tried to cover too many bases and it didn't work.  You will notice I managed to keep it all cool toned purples, but the metallic and the holo are just too similar AND they're darker than the striper.  Learning of Lesson 2 - Choose Wisely.

Then there's the holo overload.  Although vastly different, in this pattern, the polishes look too similar and totally over-dominate.   Then the metallic is similar too, meaning half the nail looks too tonally alike.  Learning of Lesson 3 - Less Is More.

After a while this mani did grow on me, and it's alikey mushiness gave it a camo style pattern. It also looked better from a distance - the closer you got, the more "meh" it became.   It totally lacks the POW WOW tho of the teal or the pink.   

I know!  Me, not liking a purple mani!  I will redo this at some point, and it will look waaaay cooler, but for now .... ack, who am I kidding - just WAIT til you see the green.

Enjoy xx :)

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