Saturday, 28 April 2012

Recycled Nails - Purple Holo Dots

Hi Goddesses  

If you go down to the woods today .... lol.  If you head over to Nails Adored, I am today's guest poster while Jamie has a well deserved break.   I seriously recommend you check out her blog.  You can also read my post below -

Well hello Jamie's readers.  Today you belong to The Crumpet mwahahahaha.  Lol.  For those of you who don't know me, I have a strange sense of humour.  I like pretty nails and pussycats and White Reeces and ... oh sorry, the mani ?

Ah yes, it's not easy turning your blog over to someone else.  I love that Jamie's posts and photos are always so clean and simple, and I wanted to do something that would fit in with her blog.

I'm a bit more wordy than she is, so bear with, but today I bring you - Recycled Nails.  Yes!  This is my own personal challenge that I have, where I allow myself to "just" paint my nails if I am running low on time, as long as the on the 2nd day, I do something to jazz them up.

So this is Dutch Ya Just Love OPI and its Day 2 makeover, courtesy of a dotting tool, Parlez Vous OPI, OPI DS Original and Sally Hansen Delphinium.

It's a really simple look.  The larger dots are created with the largest dotting tool, and stretched a little, and then have a smaller dot inside them for contrast.   I love the impact of the DS Original dots, but boy they made photographing this hard.  Between the white light of the room I take photos in, the holo AND the glossiness of Poshe, my poor camera just didn't know what to do with itself - hence all the glare.

Feel free to meander over and take a look at my blog - if you like it, it's all credit to Jamie as she designed the funky layout for me.

Thanks for putting up with me today :)  xxx
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