Saturday, 7 April 2012

Red Mosaic

Hi Goddesses

You may have seen my guest post yesterday for Gnarly Nails which featured a teal mosaic.  I loved it (you can see it here and here) and was entranced by how simple it was and also how striking and glorious.

So guess what I did?  Yup, did one in every single colour lol. So you've got 1 a day coming up for the next week, in red, blue, green, pink, purple and mono.  I am in love with them, and I hope you'll like them too.

The design is pure simplicity and there is no such thing as "going wrong" - this is a random pattern.   Here are some handy hints if you fancy doing this yourself -

* use your lightest or plainest colour as the base.  It's much easier to build darkness or intensity than take it away
* try to pick polishes with different finishes for added pow wow.  I usually pick a dark, a light, a holo, a glitter and then 2 others
* usually I use 6 polishes
* after you've painted your nails the base colour, draw your mosiac with a black striper.   I use China Glaze Ink, but use any of your preference

* pick your first polish that you're going to "colour in" with.  I prefer to colour in with a dotting tool, but of course you can use a brush if you prefer
* always pick your most dramatic colour first - so I usually pick the darkest - it's much easier to see the pattern build if you start with contrast
* try to rotate where the same colour will go on each nail - I try to make sure each colour goes once on the base, the tip, the side, the middle and then 1 other place

* if you wanted to, you could re-draw your black lines at the end for more emphasis
* you'll see in the next couple of days that I experimented with different coloured lines - trust me, the black works best, although white did give an interesting effect

So, what polishes did we have on the go for the red version - 
base - Zoya Sooki
Deborah Lippmann - Just Walk Away Renee - blackened red
Ozotic 621 - holo red
Milani Red Sparkle - glitter
Wet n Wild Rockin Rubies - the glitter with the speck of sugar in it
Nivea Brilliant Passion - the lightest red, with a hint of gold shimmer
Zoya Poshe - matte red

Stupidly, I thought the matte would be great .... and then had a classic Joey moment of nodding my head when I realised I was still going to have to top coat the whole thing.  Duh.

I loved this red one.  I wore this to work for 3 days and for the first time ever, I got GASPS when I showed my mani to people.

Interestingly, this is a super easy mani when you only do one hand.  It's much HARDER when you do both, partly because of trying to do your mosaic lines with the wrong hand - hellooooo disaster - and also it takes MORE than twice as long.  Go figure, lol.

Anyway, hope you liked this version - tomorrow will be the blue :)

Enjoy xx :)
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