Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Spring Challenge - Easter Bonnets

Hi Goddesses

So, Easter Bonnets, an integral part of every childhood, an excuse for mess and glitter and fluffy little chicks that stick to your gluey little fingers rather than the bonnet :)

I thought this one would be easy, but the more I thought about what I would actually DO, the harder it became.   In the end, I went with the ingredients Beth used for her Easter bonnet last year, namely a straw hat, Easter chicks (in the UK you can buy these huge bags of chicks that are basically a yellow round fuzzy shape with beak, eyes and feets stuck on), a ribbon, and some flowers.

I used a LOT of colours for this - 

base - CG Lemon Fizz, sponged with Essie Jazz
Chicks - OPI The It Color, with nail art pens for beaks, eyes and feet
index - OPI Sparrow Me The Drama ribbon, edged with SH White On
ring - SH Back To The Fuchsia ribbon, with SH White On and OPI The It Color flowers
pinkie - Models Own Beth's Blue with OPI The It Color and a green striper

The hardest part was the base - I'm not convinced it looks like a straw hat lol, but at least it has texture :)   It was also difficult not making it look too similar to the ducklings post.

Overall, yeh, it's quite cute, but boy oh boy oh boy, I'm beginning to get a bit sick of pastels - bleugh!

Enjoy xx :)
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