Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Spring Challenge - Easter Egg Hunt

Hi Goddesses  

We're getting near the end of the Spring Challenge now.  Just another week or so to go, and then what will I do lol.   Luckily, the Summer Challenge is all written and looks very manilicious, so that's the next few months taken care of :)

Easter Egg Hunt.  It seemed so simple when I imagined it, but I've had a really hard job visualising it, and it didn't turn out exactly how I wanted.   Also, it took a SHITLOAD of polishes. Now, the nail room and nail desk is messy enough without needing a gazillion polishes to do just 1 manicure - :(

The sky is Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream which is ALWAYS my go to sky colour.    The greenery came from CG Glittering Garland, Barry M Lime Green and Revlon Toad (lol I LOVE that name).

The Easter Eggs were CG Lemon Fizz, OPI Planks A Lot, and there was some CG For Audrey for the patterns.  I then mixed SH White On with Planks for a lilac, and also added it to Nails Inc Malibu Cosmo for the pink eggs.

The collecting bucket is Malibu Cosmo au naturel :)  Finally, some of the fingers have "grass"  (read: fail) with Orly Ancient Jade.

Finally, here's a shot of them before I "hid" them :)

I'm a bit disappointed with this one - it could have been much cooler - but if I'm honest, I'm a bit psyched that I'm nearly at the end :)

Enjoy :) xxx
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