Sunday, 8 April 2012

Spring Challenge - Light - Layla - Ultra Violet

Hi Goddesses

Today's Spring Challenge is a mani representing light.  In my heart, I would have wanted to do a landscape, with light streaming through a hole in the clouds, but as I'm not good enough to do that, I had to think abstract.   And what do we love that refracts light ?  Yes, holos!

As you know, I love my holos, and as you know, I have experienced many brands :)   So here comes the new lady on the block - Layla.

Layla have been THE gold standard for magnetic polishes so I was interested to see what they would do with a holo.  Wow it up, that's what they did.

But before they punch a train ticket to Chuftiville, let me just start with a major negative.  Layla is a BITCH to apply.   The bottle warns that you should prep your nails with your "hologram effect base file".  Er, noooooo.  I paid $15 for this baby, I expect it to LEAP out of the bottle and paint itself.

The problem is,that Layla doesn't like to be stroked twice.  This is not so much of a problem on the smaller nails, but on the thumb, there is usually a zone, slightly off centre, where you end up re-spreading the polish.   And Layla doesn't like this, not one little bit.  So she gets arsey and pulls the original stroke off with your 2nd stroke.  As I said - bitch.

Apparently, aqua bases sort this out too, but honestly, this wasn't a bargain bin polish - I don't expect a great big fafforama.

So, it's a good job that both the colour and the holo are pretty darn awesome.   This is possibly THE most holo polish I own, even more holo than DS Original (altho I prefer the shade of the latter).   

This catches an OBSCENE amount of rainbow, which you can see in the pictures taken in the - oh lordy - English Spring Sun!!!  Yes, we've had sunshine this week.  Holy moly!!!

So, Miss Layla.  Yes, you are beautiful, but as you toss your huffy little head at me let me remind you - I WILL win :)

Enjoy xx :)
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