Thursday, 12 April 2012

Spring Challenge - Recreate Someone Else's Mani

Hi Goddesses  

It's very nearly a year now since my obsession with nail polish grew from "controlled" to "shit! we've never gone THAT far before", and it constantly amazes me how much my tastes have changed in that time.

Last year, I hated blue polish and I would not have worn a matte if you had paid me, so I guess OPI Ink Suede would have been pretty much at the top of my Hate List, and yet today, wearing it ?  Siiiiiiigh.  It's lovely :)

Like a lot of the OPI Suedes, Ink Suede is a different colour to Ink itself.

Ink Suede is the most gorgeous dark purple textured steel.  Perfect.  Looks gorgeous as it goes on wet, looks gorgeous matte n dry.   Interestingly, this is a 1 coater.  And also interestingly, it's a bitch to clean up.  This is thick, opaque magic, and will be perfect for stamping.

As you can probably guess, this is not nearly so blue as the utility room is making it.  It's a dark, cold purple yes, but there's a little bit more heat than the photos are showing.

Today's challenge is to recreate something another member of the Purple Crumpet Fairy group has done during the Challenge - something that made you go "oooooooh".   There have been lots of manis that have blown me away, but only 1 that made me go "dammit, I am trying that, and I am trying that RIGHT NOW."

This is the inspiration - pink nails from Helen at Nail Newbie.  Helen has a sense of humour as twisted as mine, and comes up with some great manis.   Like me, she had seen Lyndsey at Neverland Nailblog do this, but she went in a slightly different direction by using 3 different colours.  (You can read Helen's post here, and in it she links to Lyndsey's post and the tutorial). 

I'm not going to lie to you - this is fernickity as hell, and you think you're failing, and then you see all sorts of whispy bits floating off your fingers, your hands and basically everywhere except where they're supposed to be.

Typically, I didn't want to do something sweet and sugary, so I decided I would go dark, and then do some white and pastel threads on it.  However, when I decided to use the matte (rather than the original) version of OPI Ink, I realised there was only 1 thing to use - top coat.

So here we have it - OPI Ink Suede with Poshe threads lol.   It looked lovely on its own and I decided doing pastel or white threads wasn't necessary.

It looked ROCKING on the nail.  Unfortunately, the halogens picked it up the best, even though they are not the prettiest of photos.  

I really recommend you try this one, as the effect is sooooo cool, but seriously, watch the videos first, because the trick is all in getting your polish in the right "state" before you try to spin it on to your nails.

So, thanks Helen for inspiration!   Finally, tomorrow is the last day of the challenge.  Can you BELIEVE ??  I have enjoyed this one MUCH more than the Christmas challenge, but boy am I pastelled out lol.

See you tomorrow xxx  Enjoy xx :)
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