Monday, 9 April 2012

Spring Challenge - Ticker Tape Parade

Hi Goddesses  

Today is Ticker Tape Parade day and I was hoping to have the PERFECT polish to show you - Wet n Wild Correction Tape which I got in a swap with Rochelle - but it's been on an indirect journey to me and hasn't quite got here in time, so here's my improvised version!

The base for this is Urban Decay's Graffiti, which is a blend of Sea Spray, Zoya Dove, and a dusting of lilac shimmer.   It's a gossamer light swirly soup that I thought might be perfect for the sky.  It's pretty.  Doesn't suit me, but it's pretty.

It's really interesting how you can see all 3 colours simultaneously - it's a weird trick, but very compelling.

Layered on top is the fabulous Random Dancing from Dollish Polish, one of my favourite glitters because it contains ..... SQUARES !!

RD is just gorgeous, although it did make this mani a lot more colourful than I intended.  This is Rio in a bottle - orange, blue, green, yellow, red, pink, silver, gold - every colour glitter is in here, and it looks great over brights or neutrals.

It sits in a thick syrup of twinkliness which has a subtle pinkish tone to it - just bear this in mind before you try it over a green or a white.  

It's probably my favourite glitter after Tangled In My Web, but it is a PITA to apply.  I've gotten quite good at applying glitters - just like TIMW - which do not want to spread, and where dabbing is the only option.  With RD, it's almost as if there's a little too much syrup, and sometimes, you can pull out the brush and not have any glitter on it at all.  So this was 3 coats - not unmanageable, but it took a bit of effort - and if you compare it to say Rainbow Connection, it's probably not depositing even a quarter of what some other glitters deposit.

Regardless, this is worth the effort.  I love the effect - it really is like a party on your nails.

Enjoy xx :)

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