Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Spring Challenge - What You Love Most About Spring - HITS Poseidon

Hi Goddesses  

Welcome to one of my accidental purchases!   Along with a lot of other people, one of my lemmings is OPI DS Glamour, and in the absence of said polish, I started looking at Glitter Gal Marine Blue.   I decided to buy it, and typically, the day I went on Llarowe's website, it was out of stock, as was HITS Apollo, so in a fit of ggggrrrr, I bought his lol.

And WOW, I am soooooo glad I did.   This is a delish of a polish and boy, the holo is strong with this one!

This is a gorgeous, soft, cashmere baby blue, maybe based on grey rather than white, and so delicate and cute as a result.  It really is like a fluffy bunny.   It's a slightly faded aqua, shy and subtle but WOW, look at that holo !!!

As you know, I own a LOT of holos, probably more than it is reasonable for an occasionally sane woman to own, but this probably has one of the best holo effects I've come across.   At one coat is was a shimmerfest of gossamer wings and fairy dust - so thin and magical that I'm also going to try it as a top coat.

There's also a couple of photos here taken with the cold light of the bathroom.  It hides the holo a little, but they do give a better impression of the base colour - there's a tad more blue and a tad less silver than some of these photos are showing.

As I went in to kiss Beth goodnight, I also noticed how fab the lighting in her room is!  So that's where most of the shots were taken, and just for laughs, here's one of her AND the polish in the same photo :)

Oh and HOW exactly does this fit with the Spring Challenge of "your favourite thing about Spring" ?  Erm, ok, bear with .... I'm gonna crank the story up, but bear with .....  So, my favourite things about Spring are the breeze, the days getting lighter, opening the windows and that mmmmmm fresh air smell.   I had NO idea how to do that on a nail, so I picked something light, fresh and full of Spring sky.

Did I get away with it ?  I think I got away with it.  Ssshh, quit while you might be ahead.  Ok.

Enjoy xxx :)
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