Sunday, 22 April 2012

Stamping Sunday - Inspired By Music

Hi Goddesses 

Ever have a really good idea and then realise that the reality of it sucks ass ?  Welcome to today's mani lol.   Last week's voting options in Adventures in Stamping were all inspiration based - music, your childhood or a movie - and song won.  I have lots of music that inspires me, so simples, yes?  No.

Everything I wanted to do, I couldn't with stamping plates.   Song I'd sing if I went on the X Factor ?   Just Like A Pill by Pink.  No suitable images, people!  Fave song of all time, probably Yes by McAlmont and Butler (about being stronger now that someone dumped you) - no suitable images, people!  Which left me with my favourite song from last year - Hair, by Lady Gaga.  And a semi-suitable image.

I LOVE that song.  There's something so euphoric and free about it, it's simultaneously anthemic and rebellious, AND melodic as hell.  Whenever this comes on my ipod, the volume goes up to 11.

So, I couldn't tell that I had an actual hair stamp, but my hair is curly, so I picked this wavy pattern on BM-210.  My hair is red (thanks Schwarzkopf) and the song speaks of having "racoon or red highlights" so I decided to go with a red on red pattern.

Fail !!  OR, the most subtle stamping EVER lol.   I didn't intend for it to be this subtle, because really, when am I EVER subtle, but I do kind of like it.   This is CG Life Preserver, one of my favourite oranges, and a shimmery Konad orange.  And THERE lies my mistake.  In my head, I thought the Konad was a light orange, so I picked a darker orange for a base.  Nooooooo.

You can't actually tell I've used 2 colours.  It looks like I've used one and then played around with matte coat.

Ho Hum, you live and learn.  I leave you with the Gaga Goddess herself - enjoy xx :)

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