Sunday, 29 April 2012

Stamping Sunday - Queensday!

Hi Goddesses  

Apparently, today is Queensday in Holland, which by the sounds of it, is a great excuse for a celebration, merriment and general happiness.   So the challenge today was to create something that either echoed that or matched the Dutch colours.  Personally, I love the idea - how else would I EVER have stumbled across doing a Queensday mani.

This is a very simple post, so it's quite a short one. It's not my best mani, but hopefully it represents the theme and does my Dutch friends proud :)

I've been wearing HITS Hula for most of the week, a deliciously juicy orange flakey, with an accent nail of HITS Salsa (the pink one).  It seemed to make the perfect base, so on top of this I stamped a gold crown using Mash 19 and Barry M gold foil.

This looked a little lonely, and I didn't want to do more crowns, so I then used a stamp I would never have otherwise turned to - Konad m64 and did white arches with Konad white polish.  I then added some Queenly sparkle with the holographic Out The Door top coat.

So, as I said, not the most stunning mani, but the heart is in the right place.    Claudia, Diana, Malinka and my other friends - enjoy your weekend xxx

Enjoy xx :)

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