Sunday, 15 April 2012

Stamping Sundays - Petrol Leopardy Thing

Hi Goddesses  

A strange thing happened this week.  For the first time EVER there was a tie in the Adventures in Stamping poll.  Usually, there's a clear run away winner (you can usually predict after 3 votes what's going to win lol) but this week, stamping over a gradient and stamping using multiple stamps had it neck and neck.

Wild animals came in 3rd, and a few us decided to do a triple whammy mani - gradient, 2 stamps, one of which was an animal.  All week I had in my head what I was going to do ...... yeh, this isn't that mani.  But I will do it soon I promise, and the lovely Emma at Manicurity has done something similar (and better than I could have done), so go and check hers out :)

So, yes, back to the plot.  On Friday my beloved Bettinas arrived. Oh, so pretty.  And surprisingly, I was very taken with one of them, the hilariously named 189.  Seriously guys, numbers ?   Anyway.  It's a lovely petrol turquoise colour, quite amazing, and I decided I HAD to use it as my base.

Looking through the other lovely Bettinas, the name 28 jumped out at me .... this is an amazing swirly purple, slightly maroon tinged, with an inner electricity, and when I tested them, they looked gorgeous together.  So I did my gradient, with a reverse gradient on my accent nail and - STOPPED.  It looked so pretty.

So for 3 hours I stared at my nails, thinking there was no way I could stamp over them.  At this point, I still planned to use 2 stamps.  In the end I got called a wuss, so I caved, and wow oh wow oh wow I LOVE them.  And yes, I only used one stamp, but there's a very good reason.

For the last however many weeks, I've had trouble stamping.  Haven't been able to find a solid black, haven't been able to pick up a large enough stamp, haven't been able to get the stamp on my nail etc.  By some holy wotnot, a stamping miracle occurred!  Look how PERFECT (for me) that stamping is!  It's opaque (thank you Konad black, I caved, twas worth it), AND it goes all the way to the edge.  I am super chuffed right now.

And do you know what, I love the gradient maybe a little bit more with the stamping over it.  I am just entranced by it.  It's possibly the best stamping moment I've ever had, so I'm going to milk it for all it's worth - they're gonna have to get this baby off my nails with a chisel!

Lol.  I'll do a separate post on how I did the gradient, it's too beautiful not to show you it in detail.

Enjoy xx :)

PS stamping was done with Konad m78, the infamous, is it a zebra, a leopard or a tiger plate :)
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