Sunday, 1 April 2012

Taupe of The World - Comparison Post

Hi Goddesses

Today I have a taupe comparison post for you.  I love how taupe looks on nails, but I always struggled to find the "right" one - for some reason, they tend to look darker than they should on me, possibly because of my Arctic Albino skin tone.

Anyway, those of you who have followed for a while may remember that last year I did indeed find my perfect taupe - Sally Hansen Concrete - and whilst I was thinning my stash recently, I thought it would be fun to take a looksie at how they all compare.

Your taupes -

thumb = Nails Inc Jermyn Street
index = Sally Hansen Commander In Chic
middle = China Glaze Below Deck
ring = SOPI Metro Chic
pinkie = Sally Hansen Concrete

The first thing that's immediately obvious is how Concrete is the odd one out.  It's lighter, creamier, like a very milky hot chocolate, and that's why I prefer it.

The 2nd things that's obvious, is how identical the other 4 are lol.  To be fair, they all have very slight differences, but only the sort of differences you'd notice when your hand is right in front of your nose ....

Below Deck is the darkest, by a demi shade, and also the greyest.  There's also a little bit of purple attitude going on too.  There's less warmth in this one, so if you want a cold, hard, dark taupe, this is your girl. 

Metro Chic is very similar to Below Deck, but with the purple bled out (seeing them side by side really helps you notice the purple in BD).   Again, this is a cold, grey taupe.

Commander in Chic has less intensity.  It's a couple of notches lighter and somehow has an ethereal quality to it.  This is a soft taupe, a Goldilocks taupe - not too dark or too light, too cold or too warm.   If you want a straight down the middle taupe, this is your girl.

Jermyn Street is by far the warmest and the brownest of the quartet.   It's much more hot chocolatey, and totally lacks the greyer tones of the others.   

My personal fave remains Concrete, but I really do think which one is the "best" is totally dependent on individual skin tone. 

As to which ones I know should sacrifice ...... er, yeah, get back to me on that one :)

Enjoy xx :(

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