Thursday, 17 May 2012

3 for 1 - Bettina Flip Flops, Vintage and Green

Hi Goddesses  

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to receive an insane nail mail box containing not 1, or 5 or 10 BUT 16 Bettina polishes.  Oh yes.  16!   For this, I need to thank my Florida crack dealer - Momma Stern.

They are all so beautiful that I didn't know which one to pick first (cos choosing would be like telling the other babies they were ugly) and so I closed my eyes and pointed and ...... landed on this, Flip Flops.

Firstly, my camera is shit.  I have done the best I can, but this is still not entirely colour accurate.  However, being The Crumpet, I am sure I can conjure up a few thousand words to describe it ;)

Flip Flops is GORGEOUS.  Absolutely gorgeous.  It looks good enough to eat, dries like silk, is so shiny I just COULDN'T stop stroking my nails (yes, I do that) and just puts a great big chufty smile on my face.  This is a pastel purple.  Not a lilac, a pastel purple.   So imagine a nice dark purple, slightly blue toned, and then drop a great big dollop of ice cream in it.  Et voila - Flip Flops.

This is very blue toned, which is why my camera hates it, yet it's not as blue toned as the photos.  There's a lot of vibrancy in here, and it reminds me of a few things - 

* this is the exotic Caribbean cousin of OPI Planks A lot - very similar, just more intense.  Deeper.  More.
* it's also quite a close match for Leighton Denny, The Heiress, just a tad darker.
* it's a bit of a dark thistle purple

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

Vintage is a glorious sky blue, from their Jeans Collection (although it doesn't  much look like a jeans colour to me!)   This reminds me of quite a few other blues I own, as you'll have seen in this week's comparison mani (here).

This is fabulously cheerful and bright, and almost a turquoise.  I can't wait to stamp it with silver, and it's just about perfect for summer.

There's a real brazenness to it that is sooo appealing, helped by the fact that it dries at least 1 shade darker than the bottle.

Green is .... er Green.  Been taking lessons from Barry and his M, have we, Bettina ?  And I love it !!  It makes no sense that I should, because this is not just green, it's GREEN!!!

This is so obnoxious, it hurts :)   It reminds me of Zoya Shawn, but I can't compare them as I don't own it on principle (name of the ex lol), and it's as deep and intense as a fairy glade after a thunderstorm.

According to Wikipedia, this is "Islamic green" - it's certainly bright, cheesy, and happy as hell :)  It's also a crelly, which adds to it's luscious squishiness.

Ah Bettina, so far, my experience is that you can't go wrong with a Bettina - here's to my remaining 13 opportunities to prove my theory right :)

Enjoy xx :)

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