Sunday, 20 May 2012

Adventures In Stamping - Sky's The Limit!

Hi Goddesses

Today's choice for Stamping Sunday seems to have gone down very well.   You can do anything you can see in the sky - clouds, birds, balloons, anything.  

I was struggling to do something that wasn't too bland, when by accident I realised I could adapt one of the manis I'd prepped for later in the Summer Challenge (here).

This is a base of the gorgeous Bettina PepperMint, which is actually not green, but a lovely bright pale blue.    I then did a sponged gradient using - 
CG Lemon Fizz
OPI The It Color
CG Papaya Punch

For the purposes of THIS mani, this is a summer field of crops (we have loads of yellow rapeseed fields in the UK) against a backdrop of sky, and oh look, it has some pretty little butterflies!

The butterflies came from BM05 and used SH Tourmaline Chrome.  For some reason, I got a lot of smudging on the stamper, which is why only a few of them look really perfect.

Also, you may wonder if I did a matte base. No I did not.  Yet it looks so flat.  Yes, doesn't it.   I don't know what the hell was wrong with me yesterday, but TWICE I spilt acetone all over the nail desk and had to mop it up.  Added side effect?   Some of the Poshe came off, but I actually quite like that it looks a bit matte.

I'm sure you're going to see some amazingly varied manis today, so enjoy :)  xxx
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