Saturday, 5 May 2012

April Haul Round-Up aka The One Where Crumpet was VERY Naughty

Hi Goddesses  

There's a good chance that by the time you read this post I will be locked up in a padded cell.  My crime - extreme naughtiness of the polish purchasing kind .... there's no justifying this whatsoever.   But they are SOOOOOO pretty.

Gulp, here we go .....

Let's start with the Hungry Asian on Etsy.  I've seen her polishes on other people and ooohed at them, but it wasn't til 1 Sunday when I was very very bored that I went click-happy in her store.   My favourites?  The 3 on the left.   Crime: boredom.

Then I got 3 beauties from the Cult Nails sale.  I could have waited, I could.  But is was a sale.  I got Captivated, Mind Control and Manipulative, but for some reason I've photographed the wrong polishes lol! Crime: Sucker for a sale.

Ah, safer waters, this is a SWAP and as we all know, Swaps Don't Count.  This is from the lovely Bee who got me 5 Manglazes and also sent the sweetest ever swap package for Beth.  Here's the polishes and a photo of me and Beth pretending to fight over one of them.  Crime: no crime - it's a SWAP!

Lol, SUCH an actress.  Then we have my precioussssses, 7 Lynnderellas.  I have wanted Lynns for the longest time, but could never buy them when they were available.  I finally got my hands on these via Llarowe's new system, which I think has worked really well.  Crime:  as IF owning Lynnderellas is a crime?!  Pah!

Then another Etsy purchase, this time from Red Carpet Lacquer.  Some VERY interesting polishes here, which you will be seeing shortly.  Crime : ah, sue me!

Then we have my lovely swap with Aylin.  She sent me 3 Florimars incl the famous U33 AND all these extras.  Crime : it's a swap and Swaps Don't Count :)

And then another swap, so therefore NOT a crime, this time with the lovely Ruth who got me the famous Florimar U31 and a dupe for Koh Blue Universe - love it !!

Then I went shopping today and actually bought polishes from a real live store (usually I'm an internet purchaser).  So, this was spawned by a plea from my best polish friends who all wanted the new Barry Ms ... and then, well these lovelys were just there ..... Crime : I blame the friends, such a bad influence .... especially you Momma x

the new Barry magnetics, are up there, and down below are 2 of his other new polishes - Teal and Denim.   (I am SUCH a good friend that I couldn't even buy all 5 in the set, because otherwise there wouldn't have been enough for them.  That's SELFLESS people, selfless!)

and they were RIGHT NEXT to the GOSH counter, so I picked up Purple Heart and Ocean -

and then these 2 were £1 each so don't even try to tell me they count!

And then we have the Crime of Extreme Naughtiness.  The Crime that is so BIIIIIIG, even I can't fib / blag or wiggle my way out of it.

Sometimes, when I'm feeling a little down, I like to visit Leah Ann's website, and check on all the little pretties, to reassure my beating heart that there is wonder and hope and magic in the world. What I was NOT prepared for, was that she would have loaded up loads of exciting new stock which was impossible for this Crumpet to say no to.  So here are my 16 babies from Llarowe.

Firstly, the 3 new Glitter Gal shade shifters, in violet, red and blue.  And I tell you what, those new big bottles are HUGE (and a powerful weapon; I am sure they could knock a man unconscious in an emergency).

Then we also have the new Glitter Gal duochromes, one quite Elytra-ish, the other smooth.  These are called Wild Violets Brilliant and Hidden Violets Soft (and boy do they look sexy!)

Then we have the irresistible 3 new Picture Polishes.  Beth tried to steal all 3 of these.

Then 2 UP holos, Rosa Star and Verde 360 (which leaked in transit, it probably got rattled by an airport sniffer dog) ...

and 3 UP Flakies - 

2 Ludurana glittery jellies and (at long last) HITS Hefesto

Even I am a little gobsmacked by the obscenity of this last order, but then I look at how pretty they all are .... lol.

So er, have YOU bought any new polishes ??

Enjoy xx :)

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