Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The Battle of the Red-Oranges

Hi Goddesses  

A few weeks ago, I bought a Picture Polish called Vegas, and fell in love with it.  I then realised it might have been similar to another polish I owned, so I did a comparison post - see here.

Well, fast forward a couple of weeks and I seem to have 2 MORE polishes that look similar, so I decided to a fuller comparison.

You ready ?  Here we goooooo:

* thumb - OPI Animal-istic
* index - HITS Hula
* middle - CG Riveting
* ring - Zoya Nidhi
* pinkie - Picture Polish Vegas

First thoughts - uh oh.

Closer inspections - 

* thumb - Animal-istic is super shimmery, with lots of light threaded through it.  It's a notch or 2 lighter than Nidhi and Vegas

* index - Hula, aaaaah Hula.  Love this so much.  Her flakiness sets her apart

* middle - Riveting.  Totally different to the others.  Not only lighter, but look how it HOLDS the light, like a secret.  Faintly metallic, very electric

* ring - Nidhi - glorious.  Just-red, with shimmer and tones of orange and pink.  Glorious

* pinkie - Vegas - gorgeous .... and er .... shit that looks similar to Nidhi.  MUST be a difference somewhere.  Looks closer.  Nope, can't see it.   But she's sooooo pretty.   Sisters should stay together, right ?

Actually, actually ... yes, hold on ... yes, under my Gazillion Microscope, I can see ... yes ... definitely different .... more shimmer in Nidhi.   Only by about the weight of half a gnat's fart, but it counts, right ?

Whichever of these you own, they're a joy.  There's something about this type of colour that makes me feel happy inside.  And YES, I doooooo need them all ;)

Enjoy xx :)
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