Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Guest Blogger - A Tape Mani for Northern Nails

Hi Goddesses

I'm a guest blogger today for Northern Nails.

So today I am in charge of Jo's blog while she lazes around in sunny Ibiza or somewhere - it's really not fair, is it ?

It's harder being a guest blogger than doing a post for your own blog, partly because you don't want to let the other person down, but also because you don't know what their readers - that's YOU - will like.  So I'm really hoping you like tape manis, cos otherwise honey, we're screwed!

I love tape manis.  They took me a little while to master, but now that I have, they are a great way to tart up a mani on day 2.   Apart from the whole tape trickiness, there are only 2 rules to a tape mani - an interesting base colour and a top colour that will be opaque in 1 coat.

For this I used a base of Sally Hansen Ruby Slippers, a holographic dark pink, taped over it, and then painted over the top with China Glaze Stone Cold, a matte dark grey.   You'll see I left it matte in some photos and then glossed it up in others.

Tape manis are tricky, and they DO require practice (not my natural setting) so if you're interested I recommend you either visit Nailside's blog or go and watch some You Tube vids - it's certainly worth the effort !

Enjoy :) xxx
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