Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Harry Potterthon 3 - The Prisoner of Azkaban

Hi Goddesses

POA is my favourite book in the entire HP series.  If I only had time to read 1 of the books again, it would always be this one.  Rich, layered and no padding whatsoever, this is JK Rowling at her best.

For me, as someone who lost my mum 10 years ago, part of the emotional pull of Harry Potter is the way Rowling speaks so evocatively of loss and longing.  For me, these are always the moments that have the most impact, and here, reading of Lily's sacrifice, we start to understand the love, loss and loathing that drives the entire series.

POA is also rich with anthology.  This is the book where it really starts to add up to more than the sum of its parts, from Lupin to the Marauders Map to Sirius to Patronuses to time turners .. wow, this book is soooooo rich.

I also distinctively remember how this was the first HP that literally made me go "wow".  The way the ending knitted together was utterly perfect, though as one fantastic poster on pinterest puts it, you used a time turner to attend classes but NOT to kill Voldemort on the night of Lily's death?  Lol.

As you are no doubt seeing by now, I went very plain with the nails.   I've written recently of my depression, and its embodiment in the form of the Dementors was an opportunity that (for personal reasons) I didn't want to miss.

So here are my dementors - black drags on a background of SH Wet Cement.  A dank, miserable colour scheme, an incoherent form, the bleakness of black .... the dementors really are one of the best expressions of depression a writer has ever given.

Hopefully this mani hasn't sucked the joy out of you, and we'll be back tomorrow for a very colourful Goblet of Fire :)  I'll leave you with Beth's cuter version :)

Enjoy xx :)
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