Monday, 28 May 2012

Harry Potterthon - Day 1 - The Philosophers Stone

Hi Goddesses

After the success of LOSTathon, we're off again, celebrating popular culture, and this time my good friend Kerrie picked 6 friends (one of which was me) to help her do Harry Potter's 7 books in 7 days :)

As you might expect, Beth has LOVED this challenge, and was spouting ideas at me quicker than I could write them down!  She even drew some manis for me, and I'll share them with you as we go along.

So, before we get into the mani, I want to share a fab photo I found on pinterest, featuring Alan Rickman.

There is something about the Harry Potter books that transcends mere fiction.  There is a deep emotional pull within the books, a strong moral code, an "all for one, one for all" mentality and a genuine battle between good and evil.  More than that, they were borne of a writer who knew EXACTLY what she intended to create and who has protected her vision FIERCELY.   Some have mocked JK Rowling, but I love her for 2 reasons:  1, I applaud any artist who sticks to their artisitic guns, and she did.  She knew how it would all end years ago AND she kept the promise she had made with herself to kill off certain characters.   Secondly, how we can we not love and applaud a woman who in these sofa-coma times has driven MILLIONS of children back into the magical world of books?    Every book sold is not a pound in her pocket; it's an investment in the mental well-being of our next generation.

Phew.  So, onto the nails :)  I am not *totally* in love with these, but I do like some of them.  The Philosopher's Stone perhaps has fewer stand out moments, and it's the one that was hardest to get on the nail.

Thumb - of course!  Platform 9 3/4 which was Mark's idea.  Not a lot to say other than that again I love my CG Ink pot.

The index finger is Harry's legendary scar over a base of Nails Inc Porchester Square - not exactly flesh toned, I know, but I do so love any excuse to wear it :)

Middle finger.  Oh.   No, this did NOT work out.  This is supposed to be the magical entrance to Diagon Alley, the moment where Hagrid prods the bricks and they pull apart to reveal a hidden world.  Yeh.  Moving on!

The ring finger.  I am actually proud of this, if for no other reason than it confirms I can now use striping tape lol.  This is the Gryffindor scarf worn by Harry, Hermione and Ron in CG Papaya Punch and SH Flirt.

And finally, the chess board - Mark's idea again, and well, it seemed really simple.  Not particularly imaginative, but still, simple.  And if there is one thing a Crumpet needs her nail art to be ...... simples :)

And that's Day 1.  Don't forget to check out all my fellow geeks, and enjoy xx  :)

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