Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Independents Week - Dollish Polish - I'm A Material Girl

Hi Goddesses  

As you may have worked out by now, I am on a HUGE Etsy kick at the moment, and Dollish Polish is probably my favouritest fave of all (with NerdLacquer).   I'll be honest, I ummed and aaahed about this a lot, and in the end went "bugger it", and added it to my over-burdened cart.

I'm A Material Girl is a bubblegum pink syrup filled with white and black glitter of varying shapes and sizes, including - OH YES - square glitter.   Is that what convinced you to buy it Crumpet ?  Noooooooo .... yes.

I tried this a few different ways.

* thumb = 3 coats of JUST I'm A Material Girl
* index & ring = 2 coats of OPI Sparrow Me The Drama
* middle & pinkie = 2 coats of SH Back to the Fuchisa
* index & middle = 2 coats of IAMG
* ring & pinkie = 1 coat of IAMG

I'm really glad I tried it out this way, because I may have been disappointed if I hadn't layered the polish.  Although I like some bright and bold pinks, I'm no longer a pink girl, and on its own, IAMG is just too sickly for me.

Over Sparrow, it still looks a bit wrong for my tastes.   It's bleached out the subtlety of the base polish, and added an almost neon brightness to the combo.

Over Fuchsia however, I am a MUCH happier camper.   Again, it's affected the base colour and left a sickly neon imprint, but it's looking much closer to what a Crumpet would wear.

IAMG itself is great.   The glitter mixture is just fabulous, and it applies smoothly and effortlessly because the bottle is just LOADED.  

I then wondered how it would look if I took the colour even darker, so here we are, skittled over - 

* thumb = Nails Inc Malibu Cosmo
* index = Zoya Pinta
* middle = OPI Planks A Lot
* ring = Orly Charged Up
* baby = SH Plum Luck

Mailbu Cosmo is obviously the winner - dark, bright, glittery - what's not to love?    I don't really like it over any of the other colours, and that's because I didn't realise just how pink the base is, so instead of depositing white glitter on the other colours, it left Barbie pink lol.

Finally, just *because*, I stamped over it with Konad White polish and Cheeky Plate 12, which is a cute striped flower design.  It didn't turn out perfect, but it did turn out like Spring.

Enjoy :) xxx
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