Monday, 7 May 2012

Independents Week - Floam!

Hi Goddesses 

I so enjoyed the last Independents Week that it's back for more, and to be honest, it'll probably be back about another 8 times the rate I have been naughtying at! 

To be honest, I can be a bit of a stubborn Crumpet.  If a film or a TV show is over-hyped, or everyone tells me it's brilliant and I HAVE to watch it, I tend to get totally meh about it all and go in the opposite direction.

Floam is the nail polish equivalent of this.  Since Amy from Nail-Ventruous Lacquers first created it, everyone has raved about it, and it's become highly sought after and much lauded.   Naturally, my instinct was to decide I didn't need it, but after it became impossible to get and I just HAPPENED to spot it on Ninja Polish, well, I caved ...

And I'm glad I did.  Floam is totally unqiue - and let's face it, that's rare in PolishLand - but more than anything, my reaction reminds me of Phoebe Buffay's when she first tried salt water taffy - "What in the holy mother of crap IS this stuff?!"  Lol.   Floam, it baffles me.

I posted in a nail group the other night how I had no idea what this polish was made of, and someone came back with the answer - matte glitter.  It is odd.  Odd as hell.  It's not shiny, it doesn't glitter, there's no shimmer ..... it's weird!! And yet it's fascinating....

Floam is micro pieces of jade and turquoise, suspended in a clear base.  There's no sparseness here, and coverage is more than 70% on the first coat.  I used 3, purely because I still had a couple of bald spots after 2.   However .... the brush, as you may have heard, is a little wonky and floppy, so it's not as easy to push this glitter around as some others.  This means it's really not easy to dab this on and get it where you want it.

The worst thing about Floam though is that it sticks like snot to concrete.  Because the brush is hard to control, you get some colouring outside the edges.  That's ok though, Crumpet almost ALWAYS colours outside the edges, Crumpet just gets some acetone and .... what, what, why the hell won't this move with the brush I use for clean-up???  No worries, I will try my trusty cotton buds, they're tough, I'll just soak it off.  That'll work.  It'll work.  Why isn't it working?   Why isn't it working !!!!!

Floam.  Immovable.  Sticks like glue.   Refuses to budge.  Good news is it wears *extreeeeeemley* well.  Bad news, there's no way to get it off without a drill, a chisel and a blow torch.

Some lucky women have had it just "fall" off after a few days.  How very dare you!  53 minutes people, 53 minutes.   THAT is how long it took me to remove every last trace.   So, sadly, because I have the patience of a heat-stroked rattler that accidentally landed in a cactus, there is no more Floam for me.  

Floam is utterly unique, unfortunately, we just didn't get along.   Claire Bear, good luck.

Enjoy xx :)
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