Friday, 11 May 2012

Independents Week - Pretty & Polished - Galactus

Hi Goddesses  

You know how sometimes I'm a lazy bugger, and posts languish in the vault for weeks on end?  You mean when you forget to write the blog post whilst you were actually wearing the polish?  Yes, exactly that .... *anyway* this is sooooo old, it's practically retro!

This is Galactus from Pretty and Polished.  It was one of Chelsea's earlier polishes and I got it months ago, before the whole Etsy thing really kicked off and WAY before Chelsea became really famous for inventing Jawbreaker.

An interesting story:   one of my nail besties, Kirsten from Geeky Owl (who also did an amazing swap with me) mentioned she had this polish on the way.  Ooooh, I said, wouldn't it be cool if we both wore it on the same day and did our posts on the same day?   So we agreed, and then I got lazy or sleepy, one or the other, and never managed to do my post (oops).  
[You mean you forgot to write it when you took the photos ?  Ssssshhhhhhhh!]

So here is Kirsten's post from ...... wait for it ...... Feb 20th !!!  This has been in the vault for nearly 3 months!!!  Yikers!!!   Notice anything unusual ?  Uh huh, her polish is a totally different colour!  Read on, goddesses, read on.

MY Galactus is a smoky lilacy taupe holo, heavy on the taupe.  Bit of a mouthful, but really pretty, nice and smooth on the nail, with a remarkably strong holo effect.    Kirsten mocked me (the purple whore) for not wearing it sooner - "it's your favourite, a purple holo" she shrieked at me.  Er no .... er yes .... er noooooo .... er ye-essssss ... and so we went on, hilariously .....

So although mine is a totally different colour, I'm really cool with that, and actually, it makes me appreciate the polish more, and here's why - it means my polish is unique.  It means that me and Kirsten both ended up with gorgeous polishes, but no 2 batches are alike.  And for me, that really appeals, and makes the whole Etsy thing soooo much cooler.   

You can check out Chelsea's store here.

And that concludes Independents Week this time around.   I hope you've enjoyed seeing some of the lovelies that are out there, they are certainly kicking the Big Boys' Butts at the moment!

Just a quick word because there is a LOT coming up in the next few weeks - 

* the summer challenge starts on May 19th - it's still not too late to take part - just click on the Purple Crumpet Fairy to my right
* I have another 1 week nail challenge coming up at the end of May, like the LOSTathon, but different :)
* there's also Swap Week, where I finally show you some of the pretties and amazing ladies who have swapped polishes with me
* another round of Independents Week, then Hungry Asian Week, then Lynnderella Week aaaaaaaand
* there's also Monkey See Monkey Do Mondays,

* and then on June 4th, something VERY special this way comes.   I'm not even going to hint yet at what it is, but it is a blogging extravaganza of the highest order and MAY, just MAY end with a Giveaway .....

Have a great weekend - enjoy xx :)
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