Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Independents Week - Red Carpet Lacquer - Oz, Not Kansas

Hi Goddesses 

This is a Public Service Announcement - BUY THIS GLITTER!!!!

Ahem, hellooooo.   This is seriously THE most exciting glitter I have bought in AGES.  It's called Oz, Not Kansas and it's from an Etsy store called Red Carpet Lacquer - here.   I love it SOOOOO much that I've gone back today to order more.  Now THAT'S special!

This is possibly my new favourite toy EVER.  I used it earlier in the week in my Chevrons mani (here), I've layered it over darks, brights and now I'm going to layer it ALL over summer :)    

So, what makes this so unique?  Well, in the bottle, pretty though it is, it doesn't look like it's going to have the power to make me weak at the knees.  It's a lovely pink and red soup, and I honestly thought it would just be a lovely layering polish to wear over that spectrum of colours.

Oh no.  Oh no no no no no no.    This is an entire rainbow in a bottle.  Entire.  Complete.  Whole.  All the colours under the sun.  Amazeballs.  Can't.  Stop.  Staring.   Wicked.

This skittle is over a variety of colours to show what it can do - and look, not one of these skittles is pink or red (this was skittled over aqua, navy, black, blue and purple).    Can you SEE how much is going on in there!!  Can you ?  There's pink and red, of course, but also blue, orange, yellow, violet, green - the entire rainbow!

As you'd expect, this looks most dramatic on the darker colours, but do you know what, I'm really partial to the thumb - this was over Cult Nails Manipulative.  Look what a perfect summer glitterbomb that makes.

Bright deep blue is also a great base, and how can you not love the purple and oh, there are not enough colours in the world to stop playing with this polish!!!

Then, because of how pretty it looked over the lighter Cult, I decided to do a BRIGHT skittle.  This is 1 coat of Oz over -
* thumb - Flormar U24, a glass flecked cerise
* index - OPI Planks A Lot
* middle - Bettina 47
* ring - CG Starboard
* pinkie - CG Life Preserver

This looked 7 shades of pretty over all of them, although I have to say, I think Planks is my winner.   It perfectly complements the pink and aqua sparkliness of the polish.

The pink is also a Glitter Girls's wet dream, although the red loses a bit of intensity (I should have done it over Sooki).   Oh apologies for the stray glitter in these pics, Beth insisted on administering it :) ... just before she tried to steal the bottle .....

So yes, go to Etsy and buy ALL the glitters.  Especially this one.  You won't regret it.

Enjoy xx :)  There's going to be a lot more rolling out of the Red Carpet Lacquer over the next few weeks xx   

Oh and PS, Smarty Pants of the Week Award to the lovely Julie who guessed what I'd layered over the chevrons :)

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