Sunday, 27 May 2012


Hi Goddesses

So, you know how my hauls are a little .... excessive ?   Get ready for a whole new level of crazy!  A level so high, so up in the clouds, that it can only be dealt with via 2 posts.

Now, let me attempt to justify myself first of all.  This post, is a tale of 2 swaps.  And what have I told you about swaps ?  That's right, swaps don't count!  So, no judging.  I said No Judging!  

I'll start with my amazing swap with Sheila from Pointless Cafe.  This was an exceptional swap, not only for the vast amount of polishes that we redistributed, but also for the speed with which we did it.  A lot of swaps take a couple of weeks to put together - this took one Saturday night, and it's frigging awesome!

So, I took a bite out of her swap list and she took a bite out of mine and I am OH.  SO.  HAPPY.  :)

Here's an overhead view of the entire swap.  What you're seeing there?  That's 28 polishes.  Yep.  Better still, polishes That Do Not Count.  Oh and there was lip balm, Reeces, nail files, Reeces, hand cream, Reeces .... oh, and did I mention - some Reeces!

So, first up we have some Butter Londons.  Left to right we have Bluey, Scoundrel, Toff, Snog and Lillibet's Jubilee.

Then we have a couple of awesome Essies, Big Spender and Clambake, Borghese Belissima Rose and CG 108 Degrees.

Then the posh ones!  DL Footloose, NerdLacquer Event Horizon and 2 glorious Cults - Vicious and the awesome Enigmatic.

Then some Barielles - this brand is £8 in the UK and I think $8 in the US - go figure!   Here we have Grape Escape, a backup bottle of Elle's Spell, Berry Blue and Positive Zen-ergy.

Then a whole load of purpley gorgeousness - Zoya Dannii, CG Spontaneous (I have bad luck with this polish.  I have smashed a bottle, spilt a bottle and everytime I use it there's some calamity, so I thought a back up was wise), CG  Gothic Lolita and CG Bogie (not green, surprisingly enough!)

And then she chucked all these in as surprises!!!  Rimmel Purple Rain, Violet Metal and Climax (I nearly did when I was unwrapping all of these, I can tell you), NOPI Hello World, CG Admire, OPI Happy Anniversary and Zoya Venus.

Sheila, I am beyond overwhelmed with this swap - thank you so so sooooooooo much.

Ok, now to Francini's swap.  Or as I like to call it - The Brazilian.  Now this is the opposite swap to Sheila's in almost every way - Francini and I spent almost 2 months planning this one.  We started with a list of 10 polishes each and it grew a little from there.   Again, I would like to stress that this was a swap, which Does Not Count, as no bank balances were hurt in the course of this process :)  Oh, and btw, I'm so saving the best polish til last hahahahaha.

So, first the overhead shot - look, a cute cat notepad!  Look, a cute cat ornament !  Ooooh and hand cream!

First we have what started it all - the HITS Specialite polishes - Afterglow, Moonbow, Borealis and Air Glow.

And if I was having Specialite HITS, it would be wrong not to complete my Olimpo Collection, no ?   So here we have Demeter, Athena and Hera.

Next some Brazilian brands which I haven't tried before, for the most part - Finaflor Mutante, Colorama Rainha Da Bateria, Ludrana Verde Folha green crackle, Finaflor Disfarce.

And then all these extra surprises !!!!!    Ludurana Arco Iris flakie, Big Universo Palladium, L'Apogee Optico Topazio, PanVel Cleopatra, HITS Brisa do Mar.

And, finalement, ladies, goddesses, ladies - I present, oh my god, JADE holo !!!!!!!  In red !!!!!

Wow, how lucky am I??  And how very very happy?   There's 1 more mega swap to come, as well as some purchases and smaller swaps to show you.

Until then, drool, and enjoy xx  :)

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