Monday, 21 May 2012

MSMD - Dotted Lines - Kayla's Tribute

Hi Goddesses

This may be my last MSMD for a little while (as I think the Summer Challenge may take a lot of my time, PLUS I've managed to get involved in 2 other week long challenges - I know, I'm nuts; but I will try to post if I can) so I thought I had better go out with a bang and do a mani I have yearned for since I first saw it on Kayla Shevonne here - 

There was something about the pattern that was so cool, but also so .... simple.  Even a Crumpet could do that, I thought.    And I've promptly forgotten about it ever since :/

So here's my version, slightly different, because I am in full on bold summer mode, even if the rest of rainy England is not.  I used 

* 2 coats of Bettina Purple for the base
* OPI Steady As She Rose for the lines
* Zoya Moxie for the dots

Firstly, I have been trying to be a better Crumpet, and I used my new nail art brushes for my stripey lines.  They're not as good as Kayla's, for sure, but they are way better than a Crumpet has ever done before.

Also, Moxie, love ya, but why have you turned red in this mani?   She obviously didn't like sitting on top of Rose cos she got all huffy and took her fab fuchsia loveliness away, so the colour combo isn't *quite* what I envisaged, but I like it anyway.

I decided to mix the direction of the lines, just for fun, and next time, I might even criss-cross them on the same nail.  I just love that this is simple, but looks cool, retro and elegant (when Kayla does it).  See, that's the secret of a grand design, it even looks ok when a Crumpet gives it a go!

Enjoy, and I will do my best to post a few MSMDs before the  end of the summer :)   xxxx
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