Saturday, 5 May 2012

Nails Inc - All Saints Road & Malibu Mojito

Hi Goddesses  

One of the things I love about doing Giveaways is the feedback I get from you, the people who read this blog-like thing :)  One of the things that surprised me is how many of you enjoy seeing swatches and also, how many of you demand British swatches so that you can build your wishlists.  So this is me, making more of an effort :)

Today's double bill is 2 Nails Inc polishes.  First we have All Saints Road, a bold and deep blue, which goes on beautifully in 2 coats.

It dried a little darker on the nail, AND a little more petrolly than I expected - it's not quite as fabulously bright as the bottle.  Interestingly, it made my fingers look really short and stubby.  Seriously!   Go figure lol.  This does have a nice touch of drama to it though.

This is similar, but not as WOW as Baker Street, their 2012 bright blue.  However, if you're an ebay whore, this is both easier and cheaper to get hold of :)

For seconds we have Malibu Mojito.  Every now and then, Nails Inc run promotions with other companies and magazines, and this was one of a set of 3 that they did with Malibu last year.

This is a gorgeous bluey green polish, absolutely perfect for summer.  I have to say, on the nail, this one looks much greener than it does in the bottle, and reminds me a lot of Bella from the Essence twins range.

This is also 2 coats, but you can see there are a couple of bald spots.  However, as these are the famous "vodka" nails from the other Saturday, we'll put that down to Crumpet error, shall we ?

I think these 2 would also look good in combo together, but right now, I'm off to stamp and glitter them into the stratosphere.

I hope you enjoyed, and please let me know in the comments if this is the sort of thing you want to see more of.

Lots of :) xx
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