Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The One With Catherine Arley Holos 673, 677, 800 and 946

Hi Goddesses  

Catherine Arley is a polish name I've heard for a while.  Apparently legendary holos which are no longer made (I think) and I was bummed when I recently slept through someone selling off their entire collection on ebay for £30.

So I did a little digging, and there are plenty on ebay - but they come from Bulgaria.  This alerted my spidey senses, but as the price was reasonable, I decided to give it a whirl.  These were all about £6 each incl shipping.

The ones I bought were -
* 673 - the purple one (obviously)
* 677 - a dark pink
* 800 - a coral one (I figured if I didn't like it, I knew a Florida Momma who would)
* and 946 .... which as it turned out, is NOT a holo.  It's a rich ruby red with embedded sparkle (a bit like Ruby Pumps, but darker)

And my verdict is ?   I love them (except the non holo one, damn my not reading listings properly!)  They are soft, subtle and gorgeous, and remind me of the Glitter Gal holos more than anything.

The purple is a lovely muted dusty shade, the pink is perfect and the coral one is not so coral that I hate it (me + coral = don't even ask).   It's more like a neon orange, and is going to be perfect for summer.

These were all velveteen soft and cashmere cute, totally delicate yet dazzling, subtle and beautiful.

So, colour me holo happy!

Enjoy xx :)
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