Thursday, 31 May 2012

OPI - Call Me Gwen-Ever

HI Goddesses

What the holy crap is this colour on my nails??  and why the hell am I liking it ??  

Elizabeth Stern, I blame you.  Before I met you, I would never have worn this colour, and now I am wearing it and ooooh gosh, OMG I love it!  (And thank you Chelsea, for sending it to me, mwah xx)

In my polish universe, I have several aversions, a lot of which (matte, blue, green) have been eroded over the last year.  The last holy bastion was my pure and utter hatred of coral and all things corally ... but ooooh would you look at how pretty this is?

This isn't actually 100% coral (phew) as there's no pink undertones, but this is nevertheless a disturbance in the force.  Call Me Gwen-ever is a gorgeous dark peach, a burnt orange with a ickle blob of cream in it and it's just about PERFECT for summer.

There's also something very retro about this polish.  It brings to mind the 1930s for me - there's a very old fashioned glamour going on.

So, wow, whaddya know.  Bloody hell, I'll be wearing yellow next ... no, please, no ... don't make me go there .... nooooooooooooooo.

PS really sorry about the cuticles, I've been a-creaming and a-rubbing, honest!

Enjoy xx :)
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