Friday, 4 May 2012

Ringing in the Hope of Summer with Zoya Nidhi

Hi Goddesses 

Oooooh this is a right little stunner :)   I think this was from one of the special designer boxed sets Zoya did a couple of months ago - in typical style, mine came from ebay lol.

Nidhi is perfect for summer.  It's pretty much a perfect summer colour, and the shimmer is just meant for sunny days.   There's a fantastic amount of vibrancy to this colour as well, although my photos are washing her out a little bit.

So I've posted a couple of polishes recently which are uber-oranges with one foot dancing on the Red Line; this, however is a just-about-red polish with both dancing - one on the orange line, and one on the pink.   It's a very soft almost-red with orange and pink sub-tones.  The orange is more prevalent, but the pink is what lends the softness.

As with all Zoyas, this applied dreamily - this is 2 coats with  Poshe on top.   I think this baby is made for summer gradients, so expect to see a lot more of her.  The only reason I've not jazzed her up today is that I need to do a new comparison post on my red-oranges.

Enjoy xx  :)
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