Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Sally Hansen Holos - Magenta Magic, Ruby Slippers and Pink Nail Prism

Hi Goddesses  

I have a triple whammy for you today.  3 holos, all by Sally Hansen, all of them pink (tho I kinda thought the Ruby Slippers one might be er ... red?) and all of which have been in my untrieds bucket for a LONG time, so I figured it was finally time to set them free :)   

From what I understand, the Magical Series is quite HTF these days and is from an old range of Sally Hansen's - so old it's not even 3-free and so smells UGH lol.  The Prism is from a box set that was in Ross at Christmas and which the lovely Joy picked up for me.

Let's start with my least favourite first.  Magical Magenta is a pink holo.   There's 2 sets of pictures in this post, and the ones taken under the kitchen halogens are by far the most colour accurate.

Lets talk about the colour first.  Most of you will love it, but it's really not me.   It's quite a girly pink, medium, quite sugary - imagine bows and ribbons and you get the idea.

The holo in it is good though.  It reminds me of the CG OMG holos, but better.  Essentially, this bends majorly, but always retains a small flat spot.  It doesn't grab the light like a Glitter Gal does, but it's still quite a strong effect.

There's also a teeny bit of trickiness with application - this is another holo that doesn't like to be double stroked.  If you do, it will lift off your first stroke and leave you with a sexy bald patch.

Next we have Ruby Slippers, again from the Magical range.  This bends in exactly the same way as Magenta Magic, and again reminds me of the OMG range.   

Why the hell is it called Ruby Slippers ?  It's PINK, pink !!!!   It's actually a nicer pink than MM, deeper and rosier, slightly less sickly.

This still doesn't perfectly match my skin tone, but it suits me more than MM, and I can see myself using this in other manis, rather than on its own.

And finally the Nail Prism.  It has no label, but it's pink, and a gorgeous soft pink at that.  This photographed like a ickle fluffy bunny - doesn't it look CUTE?!   

This is a totally different formula to the other 2, and far more akin to the Glitter Gal or OPI formula.   As a result, there are no application issues or trickiness at all - this really does just slide on.

For me, this is also a truer holo.  It doesn't have that false bend of the other 2, but genuine scattered particles that grab the light.   This is absolutely what the fairies wear to the disco in FairyLand.

It's my favourite of the 3.  While I probably prefer the more intense pigmentation of Ruby Slippers, I much prefer the holographic effect in this one.   It is super girly, but not in a sickly way.    I probably wouldn't wear it loads, but this is the one I would be more likely to wear on it's own.

Enjoy xx :)
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