Thursday, 3 May 2012


Hi Goddesses  

Sometimes I do a mani I quite like, take the photos, forget to write the post, and then realise 6 weeks later that said poor mani is STILL in the vault!  Bless, there's nothing wrong with this one as such, I just never got round to posting it lol.

This baby originally featured in the March 10th Spring Challenge post - Gradients.  It's 2 coats of OPI Sparrow Me The Drama, sponged with OPI Stranger Tides.

I then decided to stamp over it with a stamp I'd seen other people use, and loved - Cheeky 16.   Being a sloppy Crumpet, I didn't write down which colour I used to do the stamping, but I am placing my money on KleanColor Metallic Purple.

I then added a sparkly top coat - one of the Pure Ice ones - et voila!  Le mani.

This is why I HATE it when I forget to write the post when I am wearing the mani - the details get lost :(

I liked this as a layering experiment, but it didn't really wow me.  I'm a big believer though that every mani should get its moment of glory, so here she is :)

Enjoy xx :)
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