Sunday, 13 May 2012

Stamping Sunday - A Plate Ending in 5

Hi Goddesses  

The theme this week was a plate ending in 5.   These sorts of challenges are easy in 1 way (find all your plates ending in 5, and then choose one), but hard in another, because you don't start with inspiration, and very often you don't end up with anything inspiring either.  Like this ....

This is a base of Cult Nails Manipulative, a beautiful summer aqua and then 5 ManGlaze polishes and BM-205.  I think the different colours was a mistake.  Initially it seemed a cool idea, like a field of different species of butterfly, but now that I like some fingers more than the others, I wish I'd done them all in one of the better ones.

So, what do we have -

* thumb - Royal Matte-rimoaning
* index - Lesbihonest
* middle - Mink Mitten
* ring - Nawsome Sauce
* pinkie - Mayo

One of the things I really love about the ManGlazes is how they sparkle when you top coat them - the thumb is particularly luscious.

The disastrous streaky pink nail is the one I started with, and the one that prompted me to go for a skittle.  I wish I'd started with the white - I really like the subtlety of the pinkie finger.

So, not a total success .... what a surprise!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend :) xx

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