Friday, 25 May 2012

Stamping Week - Disco Biscuit

Hi Goddesses

When it comes to the end of the year, and I tell you about my favourite polishes of 2012, Butter London Disco Biscuit will be right up there.   

A gorgeous squishy pink jelly, this fizzes with life and fun and is just hummana mummana gorgeous.

Truth be told, it's too pretty to stamp over, but certain people (Spellbinding Sarah) keep yelling "STAMP ON IT" at me, so I decided to fun it up with a Konad powder blue polish and Cheeky Plate 11.

Like most of the others you've seen this week, this mani is a few weeks old, and fell right in the middle of my "aaarrgghhhh is it too much to ask for this stamping thing to work" phase.

For the most part this works, but the pattern isn't as crisp as I would have wanted it, the thumb is a mess again (are they really THAT huge ?), and the ring finger - well, I must be getting better, cos if that happened today I would have redone the ring finger.  Yay, I finally have standards!

This was a bright, fun mani.  The pink and the blue popped beautifully together.  

Enjoy xx :)
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